The kumquat

The kumquat is an orange dwarf originating in the Far East (its name comes from the Cantonese word Kam Quat meaning orange gold). Also called in Latin “Fortunela” bearer of good fortune to the lucky ones who receive kumquats as gift, as it is the tradition in the Far East. It is the symbol of happiness, prosperity and luck. It is one of those foods that make us happy.

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A tasty bittersweet cross between the lime and the kumquat, extremely juicy, and less sour than the lime, ideal for cockctails, sauces, marmalades, and chutneys. The skin is very aromatic, and the limequat can be eaten as a whole.

Lemon caviar

The lemon caviar is the real star  at the top of the gastronomy. Made up of small grains similar to the caviar, they explode in the palace, with an astonishing feeling of freshness. A few grains of lemon caviar on a fish, seafoods, sushi or sashimi will work wonders. Also add some in your gin tonic!

The Bio Jara Domain

Under the sun of Andalusia, between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, on the Straits of Gibraltar, facing Africa, the kumquat farm “Bio Jara” enjoys a microclimate ideal for growing this little citrus still unknown, and yet with multiple virtues.

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100% Organic

Unlike other citrus, the kumquat is eaten with the skin . Our fruits are free from any foreign substance. They go as such from tree directly to the consumers.

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Award and Quality Label

Biojara’s marmelades won the 2015 bronze medal during the biggest international competition of marmelades in Dalemain, in England. The plantation and the packaging of our fruits are certified by the serious label “Global G.A.P.”.

Bio Jara is associate member of the RAC (Red Agroecológica de Cádiz) the Cadiz province network of organic producers that apply strict control procedures through a Participatory Guarantee System.

We are also being certified by third party CAAE – Ref. Nº 24879 – the main certification body in Andalucía, in conformity with EU directive 889/2008 on organic production.


Our Products

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits

Our fruits are free from any foreign substance. They go natural from the tree to the customers. Our fruits are free from any foreign substance. They go natural from the tree to the customers. We have over thirty years of experience in sales of fresh...
Kumquat marmelades

Kumquat marmelades

Kumquat lends itself to many transformations. Cooked, pickled, dried, ground, it conjugates into jams, preserves, sauces, chutneys, syrups, coulis, liqueur, dried fruit, vinegar, and also has applications in cosmetics, perfumery, and parapharmacy. Our...